August 21, 2009

Patchie [Takes]

I've given myself a lot of private time the past few days. Things come in threes, and number three hit late, late Wednesday night. One and two had already come. It's some things I can't completely control. But it'll all iron out in time.

I'm in the place I need to be. I spend two hours at the ocean last night just watching the waves and thinking and finding some clarity. Another choice has been brought to my attention (having nothing to do with the earlier mentioned "three") and though things aren't set in any way, I need to find answers and I need to clear my head to do so. It's happening, and I feel more at peace than I have all summer. Though not everything is ok, my anxiety has taken a back seat and it's letting my brain take control.

My brother and I start our trek back south Tuesday. I've got a full few days when I get home, and then I start my 7-day-a-week work schedule on the 31st. It'll be hectic, but it'll be good. I've got a strong set of friends at home, and although the strongest is getting ready to move across the country, I know I'll be ok. I'm proud of her. I'll miss her, but I know I have nothing to worry about.

On a slightly related note, my cousin is being admitted into the ICU up here as we speak with a pretty bad MRSA infection. So if you can take a moment and have her in your thoughts, I'd appreciate it.

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Team Knit ! said...

I hope your cousin is doing better! Things like that are so scary. I'll be thinking of her.

- Julie