August 27, 2009

Patchie [Prepares]

Hurricane bill made its way up the coast at some point last week (all the days sort of ran together) and a few of my cousins and I headed to the beach to check out the waves. Bill was about 150 miles off the coast, but The Cape sticks out a good 50 miles. Nantucket was apparently experiencing waves up to 20 feet. Martha's Vineyard wouldn't allow anyone on the beaches, even to look. Out where we were and when we got to the beach post dinner, it was dead low tide. On a normal day, waves would be maybe one foot. They were a good 8 - 9 feet, and the day before I left the Cape they were still about 6 - 7 feet at low tide. Pictures don't do them justice.
My brother and I arrived home safe and sound and hit zero traffic. Have you ever driven through Connecticut?! That never happens! Even the Jersey Turnpike was a breeze! And my cousin (who had MRSA) is back out of the hospital and recovering at home, which everyone is happy about. Thank you for your thoughts.
I feel so relaxed and ready to take on the next two months. This was the most mentally satisfying vacation I think I've ever had up there. I focused solely on myself, took plenty of me time and let myself break and rebuild when I needed to. My aunt says I look more at peace than I did when I was heading up there. I know I am. I can feel it.

Do I wish I was still up there? Always. It's my home, though it felt a little less like it with grandpa gone. The last night I was sitting by the ocean and it hit me very hard. I miss him, and he took some of that house and place with him. But in an odd way, I think it's made it a little easier. We won't have that house forever. This makes it a little easier to let go. But I'll be applying to all the theatres again for next summer, only this year I may have the freedom to head up there late spring and talk to them in person. That might make all the difference.

I've got a few days until work starts, and I'm using them to my full advantage, one of which preparing for the third project I've signed up for. And I have to say, I am very excited.

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