July 23, 2009

Patchie [Refreshes]

Nametwin*, her ward**, and I took a trip to Lewes, DE because we were very much in need of a trip to the beach because it is summer. And that's what is supposed to be done during summer.

I have this undying love for the ocean which most likely spawned from growing up in my household, where 16 of our 18 day vacation was spent on an outer beach from 7am until 5pm. We'd then go home to Grandma and Grandpas house, eat, and promptly leave for the beach again to watch the sun set. Rinse, repeat. And though I'd hit a point at 6:45 on Day 14 where I'd be dragging my feet and saying "but I forget what grass looks like! I want to look at the graaasssssssss!" by the time we hit the ocean, I was whole again.

There is just something about it that can make me lay in the hot sand for hours and hours with my eyes closed just listening to the waves. And oh my God, have you ever taken a nap on the beach? It is pure heaven. And when you're set up to make hotdogs and such? And beach bondfires at night with the amazing s'mores that somehow taste better with a little bit of sand? If you can't avoid it, embrace it.

The Patchie Universe has had all sorts of blunders this week, and lots of things to think about. My career might finally be kicking off. I'm going to be bringing in a little bit of money starting in the fall. I'm not going back to school, which I still haven't really grasped the idea of. This summer has been interesting on a lot of levels, both good and bad. The fall looks promising.

But one of the neatest things about this area of the eastern shore is that dolphins frequent it. we used to vacation in Rehoboth Beach and I have a very distinct memory of being young, getting up early to watch the sunrise from our balcony, and watching the dolphins jump clear out of the water as the sun came up. Up north you get a lot of seals, but I think the dolphins are more fun to watch.

This particular day on the beach was hot. There was virtually no breeze to help cool you off, and not a cloud in the sky. I actually ended up in the ocean just back the breakpoint for a while, floating with the waves. While I prefer the coast further north, what is nice about the coast further south is the water is warm enough to get into and enjoy.

It was well worth the trip, though. I was able to sit back and mentally prepare for the weeks ahead, not limited to the closing weekend of our show and a job interview I went on today. The month of August will bring many more beach days. I can't wait.

*Nametwin is my best friend. We have the same same. We are also original with nicknames.
**Nametwin is a nanny for a 4- and 12-year old. We take them places.

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