July 29, 2009

Patchie [Plans]

On August 7, I will begin my 20-day adventure up to Cape Cod, MA which will include pit stops in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York City, and possibly Connecticut. I have family on the Cape, and it's where I've spent my summers since before I can remember. This will be the longest trip in years, and I've been waiting all summer to kick it off.

This year I will be accompanied up by my brother and this will really be our first official road trip together. It will be interesting - we have the same sense of humor and like a lot of the same music, but he naps a lot and is nine feet tall, which means he doesn't fit well in my car so we'll have to make a lot of pit stops, and I'm more of a "don't get out of the car just get there" sort of traveler. But it'll be fun.

Of course, with an extended vacation some the logistics, and beyond figuring out exactly how far we're traveling each day and when, the biggest one is packing. I've always needed to make a list, otherwise I forget important things like my glasses or wallet or brain, but I have 18 pairs of socks and packed only flip flops. And I tell you what, packing for The Cape in August isn't like packing for Florida where only two things are taken into consideration: it's hot, and it might rain. The Cape can be anywhere from 85 degrees to 50 over the course of 24 hours. And it might rain.

So it's always an adventure.

I've got a busy week and a half ahead of me, so my next post might be from Philly or The Cape. Or I might procrastinate and post every day until I leave. I'm spontaneous like that.

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